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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skimboarding Tricks: Small Spin

How To Do A Small Spin Trick Tips

A small spin is a backside 180 shuvit with a frontside 180 body varial. The board spins the opposite way your body does.

To do a small spin, do a backside shuvit and at the same time do a frontside 180 degree turn in the air with your body. Remember that your body is spinning opposite the way the board is spinning. Suck you knees up slightly to avoid your feet from stopping the rotation of the shuvit. Make sure to stay above the board while spinning your body. Keep an eye on the board while it spins around, and you are in the air. When your feet and the board line up again, catch the board with your feet. This means put your feet down on the board, with your front foot near the middle of the board, and your back foot near the tail. You will now be riding switch. Bend your knees when you land, to absorb the shock, keep your balance, and ride away.


Practice Your Body Varials 
If you’re having trouble spinning your body, first just practice some body varials. Once you have these down, this should be a pretty easy trick to master.

Frontside or Backside
You can also do this with a frontside shuvit and backside body varial.

Physics is on your side
In this particular trick, physics is on your side. Due to conservation of angular momentum, the board naturally wants to spin in the opposite direction of your body rotation. So unlike a normal body varial where you try to use your upper body rather than your feet and take off to create your body rotation; use your feet and take-off to create your body rotation, it will just help push the board around.

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