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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skimboarding Tricks: Backside (BS) 540 shuvit

How To Do A Backside 540 Shuvit trick tips

If you’re trying to learn this trick, I’m assuming you have your backside 360 shuvits down, so you pretty much know what’s going on here. For the Backside 540 shuvit, you’re going to be rotating the board 540 degrees instead of 360 or 180. Backside in this case means that the back of the board is going to rotate towards your back.

 To do a backside 540 shuvit, bend your knees slightly and then jump into the air. As you jump, start to rotate the board in a backside rotation with your back foot. Keep an eye on the board while it spins around, and you are in the air. When you see that it has completed 540 degrees, catch it with your feet. Bend your knees when you land to absorb the shock Keep your balance and ride away.


Get your 360 shuvits down
Study all the tips for a backside 360 shuvit. They all apply here too. Make sure you have these down.

Increase leg strength
Obviously this trick is hard because of how much the board needs to rotate. Continue to practice to help build up the strength in the specific muscle movements that you use to rotate the board. You can save time, energy, be more efficient and save your feet and ankles if you practice on carpet.

 Be smooth
 Don’t shove the board out from under you, just spin it. This is hard sometimes when you are first learning the trick because you are trying to spin the board so hard that you often lose control of it.

 Jump higher
You need to give the board more time to make it’s 540 degree rotation. If you need to, rotate your hips a bit and catch the board early and finish the rotation on the water.

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