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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skimboarding Tricks: Frontside (FS) bigspin

How To Do A Frontside Bigspin Trick Tips

A frontside bigspin is the act of doing a 360 frontside shove it, and a 180 frontside body varial. You and your board spin in the same direction.

To do a Frontside Bigspin, bend your knees and pop the board as you push your back foot out in front of you to get the board spinning. As you’re spinning the board, do a frontside 180 body varial. If done right, you’ll spin in the same direction as your board. Watch the board under you and time your landing. Ideally, you want finish up your 180 degree body rotation at the same time your board finishes up its 360 degree spin, but don’t stress it too hard if it’s not timed perfectly. You can catch the board with your feet a little bit early before the rotation is complete and finish it on the water. Land with your knees bent to help absorb the impact. You’re going to be in switch now, so make sure you put a little bit more effort in staying balanced.


Practice frontside 180s
You’ll want to have your frontside 180s down.

Practice frontside body varials
You want to be totally comfortable with these. For this trick you need to make sure that you use your upper body to create the body rotation. If you try to use your feet and your take-off, it will push the board in the opposite direction.

If you’re having trouble, try starting the rotation on the water, and then pop the board, jump in the air, and start the body rotation after you’ve gone between 60-90 degrees.

 Jump higher
 I have just found that the body rotation is easier if I jump higher.

Wind up
Wind up before you start the trick by rotating your shoulders in the opposite direction of your spin.

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