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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skimboarding Tips

Here are some tips if your new to the sport of skimboarding

> Holding the board and running with it can be awkward for some. First decide how you feel comfortable standing on the board. If you feel best with your right foot forward then hold the board on your left side. If you feel best with your left foot forward hold the board on your right side. Put the hand closest to you somewhere toward the middle of the board on the edge, and the hand farthest from you toward the back on the edge. Try a few different hand positions to see where the most comfortable position for you is.

> Make sure you wax the top of your board with surfboard wax. This will keep your feet from slipping.

> When you jump on the board keep your knees bent and try to stay light on your feet.

> When you get on your board make sure you don't jump high and then come down on your board. This will push it down into the sand. Try to keep your momentum going forward. Some poeple also try to get on the side of the board and then jump on. This pushes the board sideways. If you get on by coming over the back of the board then you keep all the momentum going forward.

> For long rides keep your board flat on the water. Leaning on the rails (sides) wastes a lot of speed.

> Here are a few tips to keep you safe and injury free.
- Keep control of your board. A common injury is banged up toes, feet and ankles from someone else's board. It really stinks when your standing there minding you own business and someone's board comes flying out of nowhere and smacks your ankle. Which bring me to my next tip.
- Always be alert. Watch out for other skimmers and their boards.
- Take Turns. Be courteous and respectful. If your skimming with other people form a line, take turns. Don't everybody go at the same time in all different directions. This sounds dumb (and it is) but I've seen it happen a lot, especially with inexperienced skimmers. This is when people start crashing into each other; boards are banging into other boards (which damages the boards), boards are banging into people (which damages the people), and people are banging into other people.

- Learn slowly. Don't run faster than you are prepared to fall.
When you fall, just let it happen, slide or roll if you can. It's when people try to catch themselves that they usually end up pulling muscles, twisting things or breaking stuff
- Check the water for rocks, sticks, and other things that could injure you or your board.

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