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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skimboarding Spot: The Waterfall - St. George, Utah

The Waterfall 
Virgin River 
St. George, Utah 

The waterfall is the most popular place to skimboard in Southern Utah. The sand and water is great. Because it is so popular, there are quite often rails, kickers, etc. to be found there. One of the drawbacks is the water level. Usually during the summer months it is quite low and very good for skimboarding. However, if there is rain it will usually cause it to be high for a day or so and be unskimable or sketchy at best. There are other spots along the Virgin River to skim, however, they can often change and become rocky due to flooding. The waterfall has continued to be a prime spot, because of the waterfall feature, which has built up a great deposit of sand behind it that remains, even after flooding. There are some spots below the waterfall, but those seem to change and can get rocky if the river changes. Your best bet is to stay above the waterfall.

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Virgin River water levels

Virgin River water levels
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