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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Inland Skimboarding "skim-pic-ems" Photo Contest

Skim-pic-ems Photo Contest!
You are invited to submit your photos that capture the action, lifestyle, culture, and soulfulness of flatland skimboarding (Sorry wave skimmers, your photo's are cool, but this is a flatland skimboarding photo contest). The Winner will be selected by public vote in 10 weekly regular contests, 3 weekly semi-final contests, and 1 week long final contest.

The Prize
A $50 Visa gift card* will be the prize for the highest vote getter of the final week long contest.
*The visa gift card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and is usable at millions of merchants worldwide as well as online.

How To Enter Your Prize Winning Skimboarding Photo
To enter the contest fill out the registration form and e-mail it along with your photos (maximum of 10) to by October 31, 2009. Make sure you fill out the registration form completely and be sure to provide a working email address so that we may contact you should you win the contest.

Initial judging and seeding will be done by the Inland Skimboarding "Skim-pic-ems" judges. The regular weekly contests, semi-final contests, and final contest will be judged by the public and winners will be the photos with the most votes – so get your friends and family online to vote for your photos!

WINNER WILL ONLY BE NOTIFIED BY E-MAIL – please make sure we have a valid email address.

Rules and Regulations
1. The Inland Skimboarding "skim-pic-ems" Photo Contest will be referred to as just "Photo Contest" throughout this informational document.

2. Inland Skimboarding prefers the submitted photographs to be high resolution (i.e., being larger than 640 pixels by 480 pixels in dimension).

3. Photos may be submitted through Oct. 31

4. Each individual person who submits any photograph to enter this Photo Contest (contest entrant will be deemed "Photo Contest Entrant" throughout this informational document) must be the rightful owner of the submitted photograph, and must attest that he/she owns the rights to the submitted photograph upon entering the Photo Contest. If the Photo Contest Entrant is not the legal owner of each submitted/entered skimboarding related photo, then their entry into the Contest for the specified image will be nullified and made void.

5. Each Photo Contest Entrant may submit a maximum of 10 photographs.

6. Submitted photos will be put into 10 groups based on seeding by the judges.

7. Depending on the number of photos submitted, photos may go through an initial round of judging to narrow the field to a maximum of 100 photos, putting a maximum of 10 photos in each of the 10 groups.

8. There will be 10 weekly contests where photos will face off against each other and be voted on by the public.

9. There will be 15 semi-finalists. The semi-finalists will be composed of the 10 weekly winners and 5 wildcards picked by the judges.

10. The 15 semi-finalists will be put into three groups, seeded by their total votes. Each group will be voted on in a weekly contest to pick three finalists.

11. The three finalists will be the top vote getters in their respective semi-final contest. The three finalists will compete against each other in a week long final contest where the winner will be the photo receiving the most votes.

12. The weekly contests are scheduled to run from November 2009 through mid January 2010.

13. The semifinal contests are scheduled to run from Mid January 2010 through early February 2010.

14. The Finals are scheduled to run from early February 2010 to mid-February 2010.

15. Inland Skimboarding reserves the right to utilize, alter, display, and/or publish any photographs submitted to the Photo Contest in any future advertising efforts on the website as Royalty Free imagery.

15. Inland Skimboarding reserves the right to utilize, display, and/or publish the names of the winners of the Photo Contest in any future advertising efforts on the website for promotional purposes.

16. Inland Skimboarding reserves the right to alter or end this Contest at any time without prior written notification to the public or the Photo Contest Entrants.

17. Photo Contest winner will be notified of their prize in writing in a timely manner after the contest has concluded.

18. Inland Skimboarding is not responsible for any prizes lost by any domestic or foreign postal services.

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