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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skimboarding Spot: Saltair - Salt Lake City, Utah

Great Salt Lake 
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Great Salt Lake can be a great place to skim, but you have to go at the right time. That time is in the evenings, particularly during the summer months. If you go in the middle of the day during the summer months, you will find it stinky and gross, with tons of dead rotting brine shrimp and brine flies all around. Early mornings aren't bad.  But if you go in the evenings you will find great sand, super long runs, and awesome sunsets! Why the difference? The Great Salt Lake is big enough that it has tides, and the tide goes out in the evening and leaves all the gross stuff up higher on the beach. Yes you still have to make your way past it, but once you get to the water in the evening it’s great! You can park at Saltair. You will have to walk a bit as the Lake has receded a bit since Saltair was built. I skimmed on the Great Salt Lake for several years while I was living in Salt Lake City. The lake is quite salty, so you’ll want to make sure you rinse your boards off after. There used to be some outside showers on the lake side of the Saltair building. I moved from Salt Lake several years ago and have not been back to skim, so I don’t know if the showers are still there. We also used to go to the gift shop in the Saltair building and get a free sample of salt water taffy.

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