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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skimboarding Tricks: No compleezy

How To Do A No Compleezy Trick Tip 

A no compleezy is a back foot no comply. Basically you pop the board in the air while simultaneously planting the back foot momentarily on the ground. There are a lot of variations of the no compleezy, but this trick tutorial will be for a backside shuvit no compleezy. It is a combination of a backside shuvit and a no compleezy.

To do a backside shuvit no compleezy, set up with your front foot in the center of the board and your back foot on the very back of the board. Bend your knees and then begin your backside shuvit. As the board is spinning, stomp your back foot down onto the ground. Get your back foot off the ground as fast as you can. When the board has completed it’s rotation, catch it with your front foot, drag your back foot onto the board and ride away.


Don’t jump too high
Don’t jump too high, especially when you’re first learning the trick. Keep your back foot close to the ground. Also I just don’t think this trick looks as good when you jump high. Rather, try to just compress your front leg.

 Be careful
Be careful not to smash your front foot or ankle with the board. If you put it down before the board has completed it’s rotation it will smash into your foot. Also watch out for your back foot. Make sure it is far enough behind the board not to get smacked either.

Practice on carpet 
This is a great trick to practice on carpet with shoes on. You can get the timing down and not worry about injuring your feet.

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