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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Skimboard Rail Building: Up Rail

Ready to build a skimboard rail? Here we go. The main idea is to cut out the sides of the skimboard rail in the shape you want from plywood. Use 2x4’s to connect the sides together and support the rail. Cut out a rectangle that is the width of your rail and the length of the top. Attach the rectangle to the top of the rail. Now attach the pvc. For help on attaching the pvc, see this post on skimboard rails .

The following 6’ x 1’ x 1’ up rail can be built from
1 – 4’x 8’x 1/2” piece of plywood ($12.33 each at Home Depot)
2 – 2”x 4”x 8’ ($1.68 each at Home Depot)
3 – 10’x 1/2” pvc pipes ($1.43 each at Home Depot)

Total Cost = $19.98 (You will still need to purchase some screws to get it all put together)

Now get your skimboard and get out there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My friends and I are going to try to make this today. Should be unreal!

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