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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skimboarding Rail Guide

This post won't address so much the different types of rails (your creativity is the best thing there) but just some tips for building rails. Often we've just used really big PVC pipes.

But the best rails are framed out of wood, with smaller PVC pipes attached to slide on. The rails can be anything from just a 2x6 to boxes framed with plywood and 2x4s.

The question people ask most often is how to attach the PVC to the wood. First drill a pilot hole (a hole a bit smaller than the diameter of the screw) all the way through the pvc and into the wood. Then on the top side of the PVC drill out the hole with a larger drill bit so that it is just bigger than the head of the screws that you will be using.

This way, the screw will fit down inside the PVC pipe and hold it on by just the bottom part that is next to the wood.

By attaching the PVC to the board in this manner, the screw won't scratch the bottom of your board.That's pretty much it.

Here are a few more things to remember…
*You can use just about any size pvc pipe. White or grey works well.
*Use skateboard wax or candle wax on the rails to help your board slide better on them.
*Build your rail sturdy. Safety first.
*Use screws, not nails!
*Try to round off corners and sand edges. PVC can be sharp, don’t believe me ask my buddy!

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