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Friday, October 24, 2008

Skimboard Rail Building: Box Rail

This particular method is the way to make the most sturdy skimboard rails. It will also allow you to make many different shapes of rails. The draw backs are that the rails are not as portable or adjustable as other methods.

The main idea is that you cut out the sides of the rail in the shape you want from plywood. You then use 2x4’s to connect the sides together and support the skimboard rail. Cut out a rectangle that is the width of your rail and the length of the top. If the top of the rail is curved, use a piece of string to measure the curved length. Attach the rectangle to the top of the rail. If the top of the skimboard rail is curved, soaking the top rectangle piece of plywood in water for several hours will help it bend easier. If the curves are dramatic, use a thinner piece of plywood for the top (3/8” or 1/4" thick) for easier bending. Now attach the pvc. For help on attaching the pvc, see this post skimboard rails.

The following 8’ x 1’ x 1’ ollie on box rail can be built from
1 – 4’x 8’x 1/2” piece of plywood ($12.33 each at Home Depot)
2 – 2”x 4”x 8’ studs ($1.68 each at Home Depot)
3 – 10’x 1/2” pvc pipes ($1.43 each at Home Depot)

Total Cost = $19.98 (You will still need to purchase some screws to get it all put together)

You can build your skimboard rail any size you want, this is just an example. The main idea is that you will see the construction method and be able to apply it to any size or shaped rail you want. Now grab your skimboard and get out there.

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