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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skimboarding DVDS

Follow the Exile Skimboard Team across countries and continents as they seek out and ride the best waves on the planet. The most ambitious skimboarding video project ever undertaken. Follow the Exile Skimboard Team across countries and continents as they seek out and ride the best waves on the planet. The best cameras, filming, riders and editing combine to create the finest skimboarding movie that money can buy. If you aren't blown away by this movie, skimboarding is not your sport. It's that simple. Bearded is without a doubt it is the best skimboarding video that we have ever seen. If you're looking for that one video that captures the heart of skimboarding, this is a must buy.
Bearded by Exile Skimboards


Sandcrabs was released in the summer of 1997 and is an amazing skimboard video. It is also a Bryan Bros. production. Nothing comes close to this video... yet...
Sandcrabs Skimboarding DVD by 10th Street Bros. Starring Bill 'Beaker' Bryan


Bill and George Bryan, the 10th St. Bros., have finalized another epic chapter in skimboarding history with the release of their newest film, Cloud 9. Featuring: Bill "Beaker" Bryan, George Bryan, Chris Henderson, Jaime Lovett, Koty Lopez, Morgan Just, Brad Domke, Tex Haines, Sam Stinnett and Brandon Sears. Get some!
Cloud 9 Skimboard DVD by 10th St. Bros.


Mental Skimming is the newest release from Bill "Beaker" Bryan and 10th Street Bros. Get mental! A lighthearted look into the minds of today's top skimboarders that's not for the faint of heart? Starring: James Lovett, Morgan Just, Bill Bryan, George Bryan, The Stinnets, Brandon Sears, Koty Lopez, Brandon Rothe, Brad Domke, Harley Nelson and every other bro that gets mental. "Totally mental?skimboarding will never be the same." Some Dude
Mental Skimming Skimboard DVD by 10th Street Bros.


Wedge Warriors is the latest installment from 10th Street Bros., featuring The Wedge, Cabo, SoLag, Indo and Beyond! Starring: Mo Just, The Bryan Bros., Koty, Sears, Rothe, Noogie, Tommy D, Birdman, Face, Salinas, Domke, The Lands End Mafia and Many More Wedge Warriors
Wedge Warriors Skimboard DVD by Tenth Street Bros.

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skimboard said...

Skimboarding needs courage and this DVD's seem to offer the same.. :P gonat. There's nothing as adventure some as Skimboardig for water sports lover..

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