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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Regular or Goofy?

A skimboarder can ride with either his left foot or right foot forward. Most riders find one of these positions much easier and more natural than the other.

Regular foot, or regular stance refers to a skimboarder that feels more natural riding with his or her left foot in front. This stance is called regular because it is found more commonly (or at least it was thought to be more common when the name was coined). The opposite of regular stance is called goofy foot. Goofy foot is where the skimboarder prefers to ride with his or her right foot in front.

If you are a beginner and just learning to skimboard, you may not know which "foot" you are, regular or goofy. The most common test to determine whether you are goofy or regular footed is to stand relaxed and have somebody gently push you from the back. See which foot you put out in front of you to catch yourself. If it's your left foot, you are regular, if it's your right foot, you are goofy.

When a skimboarder rides opposite of his preferred stance it is called switch, or switch stance. It is usually more difficult for a rider to do a trick in switch stance.

If the skimboarder moves his front foot up to the nose of the board and his back foot to the middle of the board he is in nollie stance. Usually this stance is used to perform certain tricks, but not to ride in.

Fakie stance is a riders normal foot position but traveling backwards. Another way to think of fakie stance is a nollie stance in switch position. To get into fakie stance a rider might do a 180 spin. They have the same foot position but are now traveling backwards.

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