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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flatland skimboarding or inland skimboarding?

Flatland skimboarding or inland skimboarding, is there a difference? As you read and talk to people about skimboarding you’ll hear the terms flatland skimboarding and inland skimboarding used. When people refer to flatland or inland skimboarding, they are referring to skimboarding that doesn’t involve waves. Technically this is the definition for flatland skimboarding. Inland skimboarding would then be defined as flatland skimboarding that takes place away from coastal beaches, (or inland) on rivers, lakes, streams, puddles, etc. Flatland skimboarding is a more general term, while inland skimboarding is a type of flatland skimboarding. All inland skimboarders are flatland skimboarders, but technically speaking not all flatland skimboarders are inland skimboarders. Those that skim on the coastal beaches,and don’t skim waves, would not be considered inland skimboarders in the true sence of the word. But, when it comes right down to it, does it matter which term you use? Not really. People in the sport use the terms interchangabley, so flatland…inland…pick your favorite and go with it. We’re all skimboarders.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Well written-lon porteous

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