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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Skimboarding Rail Safety Tip

One place on many rails that can be very dangerous for both the skimboarder and his/her board is the front end. The edge of the pvc pipes can be very sharp. In this first video the skimboarder attempts a 360 shuvit before a small ollie on slider but doesnt stick the shuvit and falls towards the slider taking a good blow to the back.

In this next video the skimboarder wrecks on a rail at the Virgin River Classic Skimboard competition in St. George Utah. His left middle finger gets stuck in one of the pipes in the second half of the rail as he falls forward.

One little modification to the rails could have helped save a lot of pain and agony. Rails can be made much safer if a piece of pvc is added at the end of the rails perpendicular to the length of the rail. This will save the bottom of your board as well as your body.


Anonymous said...

Great informative site!

Joe Caughey said...

Checkout this material I use on my skim board rails called "armor grind" its made by a company called Rail Werx and is designed for snowboarding and wake boarding!!!! The sell it in 6 inch wide 8 ft long sections for $24 and has a really cool design allowing u to replace the plastic surface as it get worn out! They also sell it in bulk, 6inch wide 65 foot long rolls of it for $160:-)

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